Windows system has provided us with a function to create floppy disk for password recovery. In case the password is forgotten,

we can boot the computer through the floppy disk. Then how to create the floppy disk with the provided function?

Click “Start>Control Panel>User Account”, in the pop-up window, choose your account and click it,

and you are led to the “User Account” window. Select “Prevent a Forgotten Password” on the top left corner,

and you are navigated to the “Password Forgotten” wizard. Click “Next”, and a tip will pop up telling you to insert a blank formatted floppy disk to the floppy drive.

Then click “Next” and input the current account password based on the instructions. The creation takes only several seconds. In case the password is forgotten some day,

we can simply insert the ready floppy disk into the floppy drive. Click the arrow on the right of the user account,

click “Use Password Recovery Disk” in the pop-up window, then follow the instructions to reset the password and enter Windows. This method is applicable to Windows XP of any kind of partitions.